Carson is experienced in the design and fabrication of liners for agricultural, environmental, municipal and industrial applications with over 45 years of manufacturing and installation experience. We specialize in flexible liners that are custom manufactured to meet our customer’s specific applications. All liners are lap welded for superior strength and are guaranteed.

Like any product, the effectiveness of a liner will depend on the experience and expertise of the liner manufacturer. A manufacturer of liners must be qualified to match the appropriate liner material and thickness to the specific application; properly manufacture the liner to be liquid-tight; and provide timely response to urgent or emergency requests. The ability to effectively meet these requirements comes from years of experience in a variety of situations. The few manufacturers that have sustained their businesses over several decades understand that these requirements cannot be compromised. Believe it or not Carson Mfg has been in business since 1887. We wouldn’t be here today if we compromised our integrity. Carson stands behind its products and craftsmanship and will not compromise.